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Elaine Chan and Lee Jeong-ho

Elaine Chan
Elaine has been a journalist for more than two decades, covering Asia and China’s phenomenal rise, writing for the likes of South China Morning Post, Bloomberg News and the Associated Press. She began her journalism
career in Hong Kong, arriving in the city the same day as the last British governor of the then colonial city. In the year that Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule, she relocated to Shanghai to work for Knight-Ridder Financial and Bloomberg, serving as the latter’s first Asian bureau chief.

While growing up in her native Singapore, she trained in Western art and painting, but realising she’d never be a Van Gogh decided to pursue journalism to write stories that would help the underdogs and right some of
society’s wrongs.

In 2009, Elaine moved into public relations, specialising in M&A and capital market transaction communications, working on some of the region’s biggest cross-border deals. But she returned to her bigger passion – journalism, which she believes is the society’s conscience – in 2017, and is currently a senior
editor at the South China Morning Post.

Keeping a sense of adventure and humour is what keeps her going. She continues to paint occasionally, and harbours hope of one day hosting a mini exhibition of her works.

Elaine has an MA in Social Science.

Lee Jeong-ho
Jeong-ho has been a journalist covering Asia and China for South China Morning Post, and News1 Korea. He believes media exists for the progression of democracy, to empower individual citizens of democratic ideals via the spreading of information. Media that fails to serve this purpose becomes an
institution for propaganda, he believes.

Jeong-ho grew up in South Korea and Australia. He had also worked as an officer for the South Korean Air Force, before he became a journalist – preparing analytical reports and papers on sensitive and high-profile matters of concern to North Korean politics and human rights issues. He solidified the value of democracy and the danger authoritarianism during his service, and
decided to pursue journalism to protect democratic ideals and freedom of individuals.

He is a PhD student in politics at King’s College London. He has a master’s degree of international studies in Chinese area studies from Seoul National University, and a bachelor’s degree in media and communications and Chinese studies from Sydney University.