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I.S.A. Crisostomo-Lopez

I.S.A. Crisostomo-Lopez is a writer based in Binan City, Philippines. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from the University of the Philippines Los Baños in 1996 and her Master’s degree in Creative Writing from De La Salle University Manila in 2003. She is married with four children.

She has published several works of fiction including Passage, which was anthologized in Hoard of Thunder 2: Philippine Short Stories in English by UP Press. She has also written storybooks for children, Si Lola Apura at si Lolo Un Momento published by Adarna House and Ang Bisikleta ni Kyla, a volunteer book project published by Philam Foundation.

Her latest work is a science fiction trilogy, the Driftland series, written for young adult readers.

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