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Karim Alwadi

Dr Karim Alwadi is an entrepreneur/ political scientist based in Beijing since 2001. Started up and founded several companies in China spanning sectors from machinery manufacturing, infrastructure investment and development, to the travel industry.
He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in International Relations, focusing on Sino Arab Relations, at China RenMin University. obtained his PHD degree in International Politics from China Foreign Affairs University. An active member in the Chinese Academic society.
Karim currently holds the following positions:
– Fellow of Ren Min University Middle East and African Studies Institute.
– Senior Fellow at the Institute of Global Governance and Development at Tong Ji University in Shanghai.
– China-Arab State Expo Advisory Board Member
Co-Founder of the Saving Syrian Children Program, a charity program initiated in 2017, with a focus on providing aid to Syrian families affected by war.
– Fellow of the Aspen Institute-Global leaders Program.
– YPO (Young President Organaization) Beijing Chapter member.
– Author of the book Real Story of Hezbollah (Chinese), Recipient of the 2019 McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund.

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Mohammed Kheir Alwadi,Karim Alwadi