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Mohammed Kheir Alwadi

Dr Mohammed Kheir Alwadi was born in 1948. He studied Media and Publicity in Moscow State University from 1968 to 1974, from where he received his master’s degree.
He received an Honorary Doctorate from the Russian Academy of Sciences in St Petersburg, of which he became an integral member. He served as a Director for foreign radio stations in Radio Damascus in 1975, then as a General Director of Syrian Radio in 1977. In the period 1978-1980 he was Director of Syrian National Television.
He became Chief Editor, General Director General of Alwahda Foundation for Press and Publishing, and Chief Editor of Al-Thawra newspaper in Syria from 1980 to 1990.
In 1990, he became Director General for Tishreen Foundation for Press and Publishing, and the Chief Editor for Tishreen newspaper.
In 2000, he became an Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for the Syrian Arab Republic in the People’s Republic of China, until the end of 2008.
In 2002, he became a Non-Resident Ambassador for Syria in both Vietnam and Mongolia.
In 2009, he founded the China and Asia Research Centre, which to date he still heads. In 2013, he became an integral member of the Russian Peter the Great Academy of Sciences and Arts. He is a member of International, Arab, and Syrian Federations of Journalists. He has written many political articles and studies about international affairs and Chinese-Arab relations as well as a large number of books on politics and mass media, including:

The Most Important Media Bodies in the World
1. British Broadcasting Corporation – the Arabic Section
2. Studies about Psychological War and Propaganda
3. Chinese Foreign Policy
4. China’s Experiences from Extremism to Moderation
5. Chinese-Israeli Relations – Cold Considerations
6. Meetings with Leaders from Countries of Asia
7. The Chinese Community: A View from the Inside (under publication)
8. He has also published a number of literary works, including the novel The Flaming Frost and a collection of short stories.

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