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Natasha MH

Born in 1976, Natasha is a creative communications specialist with 19 years in education, creative arts and the media industry. Her work was instrumental in creating the communicative arts curriculum design for Taylors’ Design School under the School of Architecture, Building and Design at Taylor’s University from 2004 – 2010. She also designed and taught the Performing Arts module at Taylor’s School of Communication for over 6 years that paved the way for its first Performing Arts Conservatory launched in 2019. A signature of her work fuses performative, visual and fine arts with strong advocacy on cultural preservation and cross-culture literacy, as powerful expressive and therapeutic tools having collaborated with Kakiseni, the Malaysian Invention & Design Society and UNESCO under the Venezuelan embassy.
Her work under the BAC Education Group from 2014 – 2019 includes spearheading IACT College with a series of high-impact industry projects centered on social development targeting marginalized communities and controversial issues such as LGBT, rare diseases and Humanitarian work creating a strong alliance with the Make It Right Movement (MIRM), Mercy Malaysia and SEED Foundation. Her role includes redesigning the entity’s communication curriculum programmes to facilitate increased youth employability and to promote innovative teaching and learning.
Natasha was part of the UNICEF team with HELP University in 2006 to conduct two meaningful research: the traumatic effects of the 2004 Aceh tsunami on children and a nationwide research on bullying across Malaysian schools. Her exposure in these areas intensified her passion to travel across the country to create, provide and promote workshops on creative pedagogy based on trauma, emotional constructs and performative design.
In 2019 Natasha served as COO at Tandemic, a regional innovation firm specialising in Design Thinking (DT) training and Agile management, consultancy on innovation lab work, and social research. Her portfolio covered business development and strategy, and as a DT trainer with clients such as MyXpats, CIMB, UOB FinLab, Coca-Cola, TalentCorp, Penang Council, and Novo Nordisk.
Natasha is currently the CEO of a social impact batik company that produces batik textile Gahara focusing on its domestic and international corporate strategy; Executive Committee member of the Malaysia Craft Council in pushing for education on and advocacy in artisanal representation for local arts and crafts; Industry Advisor for the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM), and is pursuing her doctorate in Business Administration specializing in the areas of organizational behavior, design and transformational leadership.