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Sara Wong

Saraphun Wongngernyuang is a Thai national, is an enthusiastic lifelong learner about happiness. She has experience in the practice of Buddhism and Christianity since her youth and continues to learn about the philosophy of happiness from various sources, including New Age, Taoism, Zen Buddhism and Confucius. For seven years she has been studying and training the subject of happiness at the Institute for the Study of Human Happiness
(Happy Science). Occasionally she speaks on the topics of self-development and happiness in public lectures and seminars organized by the Institute, namely “Tips for Happiness”, “Creating the Best Couple Relationships”, “Zen Self-Reflection” and “The Noble Eightfold Path”. In 2019 she translated a self-help book entitled Tips to Find Happiness by the Japanese author Ryuho Okawa, IRH Press Publisher, from English into Thai. She writes and has editorial experience with culinary and restaurant reviews on a restaurant review website Top25restaurants ( Sara published an academic research paper on the preservation of Western (Portuguese) Catholicism in Thailand, entitled “The Virgin Mary in the Encounter of Cultures: Preserving Transcultural Heritage in the Immaculate Conception Community, Bangkok”, published in a book entitled Preserving Transcultural Heritage: Your Way or My Way, Caleidosc√≥pio, University of Lisbon, Portugal (2018).

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