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Stella Kon

Stella Kon’s best-known work is the monodrama Emily of Emerald Hill, which appeared in 1982 and has since been performed almost a thousand times in Singapore, Malaysia and elsewhere. She has also written poems, novels and other plays, and librettos for several musicals with composer Desmond Moey. In 2006 she helped to found the arts charity Musical Theatre Ltd, and was its chairperson for 14 years. More about Stella can be found on her website,

Stella loves to travel to visit her two sons and their families — Mark, Colette and children in Harrogate, Yorkshire, and Luke and Gini and children in Sydney, Australia. She meditates regularly with the Singapore branch of the World Community for Christian Meditation.

Plays by Stella Kon: The Bridge, Trial, Emily of Emerald Hill, Dragon’s Teeth Gate.
Collections: 9 Classroom Plays, 3 Stellar Plays
Novels: The Scholar and the Dragon. Eston.
Musicals: Lost in Transit, Peter and Pierre, Merlion, Emily the Musical, Lim Boon Keng the Musical

Books by the author