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Teo Wan Lin

Dr Teo Wan Lin is a board-certified dermatologist, beauty entrepreneur and founder of clinical skincare brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals. Widely regarded as a thought leader in the Asian beauty sphere, her podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty has collaborated with industry giants like Amore-Pacific, L’Oréal Paris and LVMH, amongst others.

Her published research includes that in the field of the brain-skin-axis, which explores themes of body dysmorphophobia in the age of cosmetic dermatology. Her commentary “On Thoughts, Emotions, Facial Expressions and Aging”, published in the International Journal of Dermatology is a position paper highlighting the intersection of philosophy, psychology and biology in the perception of aging faces. She is also an international expert on the skin microbiome, as the author of white papers on maskne and biofunctional textiles in the top-ranked Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Formerly a model, she has been featured in numerous editorials for magazines such as Her World, Citta Bella, Shape, Cleo, Style as well as print/commercial campaigns for Maybelline, Kose, Fresh Kon, Tiger Beer, Citibank, Singtel and Sony Ericsson amongst others—back in the 2000s, when her journey in the business of beauty first began. Her unique perspective she feels, holds an important message for all who desire to see—beauty isn’t what she seems.